Montrose Change is the “WAZE” of Israel’s financial system, helping individuals and businesses to navigate the best route for their international currency transactions, avoiding unnecessary hurdles and delays. We offer first-class foreign exchange facilities and international money transfer services in multiple currencies.

Montrose Change is licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Finance – click on these links to see our Financial Services License Certificate and our Credit Providers License – both valid for 3 years.

Corporate Business and private customers are provided with the following international financial services:

  • International Bank Wires
  • Local Bank to Bank Money Transfers
  • Salary Facilitation Services
  • Real Estate Deposits and Settlements
  • Wholesale Currency Exchange
  • Foreign Currency Check Cashing

Making International Transactions Local

Montrose Change’s unique modus operandi involves making local transfers in the country of origin and the country of receipt to avoid international transfers. Customers make a local bank transfer to a Montrose account in the country of origin, and Montrose in turn makes a local transfer to the customer’s destination account in the country of receipt. This system minimizes transfer fees, bank bureaucracy and payment delays.

Montrose Change offers efficient international money transfer services not just to and from Israel but also in the USA, UK, and Australia, using the same business model. Our commitment to providing excellent personal service is built on over 30 years of commercial experience and local knowledge.

If you need assistance with an international transaction, call our customer service representative at 076-540-6563 in Israel or +972-76-540-6563 from outside Israel.