Currency Exchange

Montrose Change offers first-class foreign currency exchange services to Israeli residents and visitors to Israel. Click here to find us in Ramat Beit Shemesh or call our store at 076-540-6563.

Private and corporate customers in Israel and overseas are provided with the following personal money changing facilities:

  • Currency exchange at best rates
  • Check cashing
  • International bank wires
  • Money transfers to your bank account
  • Free bank transfers within Israel
  • Delivery of funds to your premises, residence or hotel in Jerusalem or Beit Shemesh. (For terms click here.)
  • Property purchase deposits and settlements.
  • Change facilities in Jerusalem – contact us for details.

Click here to request our bank account details and to arrange a money transfer.

Montrose Change provides you with top rates, giving you greater value for your money. Our personalized service gets your money to its destination faster. For example, visitors to Israel or those wishing to remit funds to family members or for business purposes, can arrange to transfer money from their home country  by making a local domestic transfer to our account , and Montrose Change will pay their Shekels on arrival, or transfer the funds into an account of their choice. (Click here to see what you can save when transferring 

Montrose Change is registered with the Ministry of Finance. If you wish, we can arrange for your Shekel funds to be held in a lawyer-administered Escrow Account until we complete your transfer – ask us for details.