American Bank Accounts

Would an American bank account be helpful to you?

Do you have friends, relatives or clients in the United States who would prefer to pay you in US dollars? Would you like to have a business bank account in America so that you can pay and be paid more easily by your international customers and suppliers? Montrose Change can help you to open a bank account in America today!

What if I’m Not American?

Even if you are not a U.S. citizen, you can still open a US bank account. Montrose Change has a close relationship with the owners of a bank in America that is keen to have clients in Israel. Yes, they are Jewish! Their bank is closed on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

Can I Open a US Bank Account from Israel?

You do not need to travel to America to open your bank account. Montrose Change can help you to complete the application form and provide two forms of Israeli identification in English – usually copies of an Israeli passport and an Israeli driver’s license will suffice. Banking transactions are carried out by email and there are no fees for wire transfers.

How would I Transfer my Dollars to Israel?

Through our close working relationship with the US bank, Montrose Change can easily transfer funds from your bank account in America to your bank account in Israel. We will always advise you of the current US Dollar – Shekel exchange rate before confirming your transaction. With Montrose you know that there are no hidden fees and that personal service is guaranteed.

What Guarantees Would I Have?

The American bank that we partner with is fully regulated by US banking regulators and well-capitalized, keeping twice as much capital on hand as is required by regulators. If you call us for details, we will give you more information that you can check into. Call Sruli at Montrose Change today and we’ll help you to open a U.S. bank account.