Australia – Israel Transfers

Montrose Change offers direct money transfers from Australia to Israel and from Israel to Australia.

2 flagsWhen you arrange a local money transfer to our Australian bank accout from yours, we guarantee to deposit the equivalent Israeli shekels into your destination bank account in Israel within one business day.

Contact us directly to find out how we can facilitate your money transfer to Israel. The Benporath family business, formerly from Melbourne and Sydney, provides a personal service – contact us to arrange your transaction, or call our Australian phone number: 03-9013-6563

Illustration 1: Salary Facilitation
An Australian medical services company in Sydney employed 30 people in Israel to transcribe medical documents in English. Every month, instead of sending Australian dollar cheques in the mail, they paid each individual’s wages into Montrose Change’s Australian bank account. Montrose then transferred the money into each employee’s Israeli bank account according to their standing instructions, saving them unnecessary international bank transfer charges and ensuring timely payment.

llustration 2: Charity Transfer
An Australian charity raising money for Israel found that their bank was charging the 3.8% plus a $24 transaction fee every time they transferred money to Israel.  The receiving bank was charging an additional US$15, and then taking another commission on changing the US dollars to Israeli shekels. This meant that the charity was losing at least 5% of the value of every transfer to Israel and probably closer to 8%.  They investigated Montrose Change’s rates and found that they could transfer money to Israel via the Montrose Australian bank account for just 1.84%, transferring Australian dollars to Israeli shekels without unnecessary US dollar exchange costs.  This meant that over 98% of all the donations reached the Israeli charity for which the money was raised.

Dovid Freedman, a community fundraiser from Melbourne, says:  “I would urge anyone sending money to Israel to use Montrose Change’s fast, easy and cost-effective facility. I have been looking for 10 years for a cheaper way to send money from Israel to Australia. It was always upsetting to me to think that the banks get such a large slice of the money that is intended for charity. I tried commercial money transfer services but they introduced complications that were not worth my time.  I have checked out many alternatives, and Montrose is the best!”