Fees and Charges

Montrose Change aims to give our clients the most cost effective service and charges no commission on cash currency exchange transactions. Our fees and charges for other transactions are shown below in New Israeli Shekels (NIS):

 Service  Costs
Currency exchange (cash) No fee
Cashing Israeli checks 1.5%
Cashing US Dollar checks:
– Open check (no name written)
1.75% for $1000+
2% for less than $1000
Cashing US Dollar checks:
– Closed check (in your name)
Cashing Canadian checks 6%
Cashing UK checks 5%

These rates are valid as at 1 September 2020 and are subject to change – please confirm our charges when commencing your transaction.

Terms for Cash Delivery

We can arrange to deliver your currency to your business premises, residence or hotel in Israel, under the following terms:

 Minimum amount $3,000 or equivalent.
 Time frame 24-hour written notice required.
 Delivery Fee NIS 100 per delivery or attempted delivery.
 Settlement By way of cleared funds transferred into  Montrose’s bank account, cleared check or cash.
 Instructions To be in writing and signed by the authorising party specifying exact address, preferred time for delivery and person(s) authorized to receive funds.
 Receipt of Funds Authorized recipients will need to sign an invoice confirming receipt and provide proof of identity and signature by producing an original passport or ID card.

Before you decide where to change your money, call Montrose Change on 076-540-6563 to check our competitive fees and the current exchange rate.