Overseas Salary Facilitation

Ask Your Employer to Pay You Through Montrose and Save Money!

Montrose Change offers an Overseas Salary Facilitation service – this is how it works:

  • Ask your employer to wire your salary payment to one of our bank accounts and notify us to look out for it.
  • On receipt of the funds, we will pay you shekels in hand or credit the money directly to your Israeli bank account  by the next day.
  • We guarantee a competitive exchange rate and only 1% transaction fee (compared with the 2.7% fee now charged for cashing 3rd party checks in your name).

Montrose Change is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Finance.

We can provide a letter of explanation that you can give to your employer, including an authorization instruction with relevant details for their country and currency. To receive a copy of this or for more information about our services, please email us or call us on 076-540-6563